On a different note from that of the editorial project, a documentary film is also being produced as a visual contribution to understand the city’s relationship with these now ghost paper-making compounds. While some of these compounds are actively trying to stop the course of ruination, others seem to have reached the point of no return. With both realities in mind, rather than cultivating an aesthetics of decay, this documentary film aims at displaying former workplaces and, in some cases, examples of an extinct industrial culture that still carries nostalgic and traumatic reverberations.

This documentary film also envisages to establish a dialogue with EDHEA/HES-SO’s documentary Invisible Factories (2017), by Robert Ireland, Petra Köhle, Aurélie Strumans e Nicolas Vermot-Petit-Outhenin, produced within the ART WORK(ers) research project, which focuses on a similar reality but located in the city of Ivrea (Italy). While waiting for the screening, several steps and visual evidence of its making (from research to filming sessions) will be shared here resorting to a chronological order.