Post-industrial histories, technical memories and art practices A Trans-disciplinary Seminar


October 13, 2021– January 19, 2022


Fall Semester 2021


according to study plan (for students)




5 meetings, 3 hours (3 x 45 min), Wednesday afternoons 14h45 – 17h00 (CH time) and 13.45H – 16.00H (PT time)




open call


up to 25, students (according to their study plan); professors or researchers (according to the lifelong learning University regulations)

Attendance policies:

10% absences only allowed

Paper records, folds, supports, melts, indexes; it preserves writing and blank spaces, conceptual instructions, identity information, filing cards, administrative records, today’s news; it is cut pages or surfaces, it is folded to create mock-ups. The post-industrial traces of paper mills re-emerge in recent artistic and decolonial debates; they affect reflections on the future of books and reading.

The transdisciplinary seminar Paper Trails inaugurates the eponymous research project of the IPT Instituto Politécnico de Tomar / Technology, Restoration and Arts Enhancement Center (TECHN&ART) (Portugal) and the EDHEA - The Valais School of Art (Switzerland). Open to teachers, researchers, and students from the two universities, the seminar brings together knowledge and ongoing research on and around paper, in its broadest and most material sense.

The seminar consists of four interventions related to the cultural history of paper as an administrative support; as related to the history of books and artistic practices; as a document and support for partitions and conceptual archives between dance and design; and the material dimension - chemical, conservation - of paper. The conferences will be followed by Q&A and accompanied by bibliographical references.

The last meeting will be dedicated to feedback on the works proposed by the participants in response to the themes of the course. A selection of the papers/works proposed by the participants will be considered by the selection committee for the conference planned in Tomar in May 2022.

Students will be awarded ECTS based on attendance and assignment submission. For the Professors and researchers who may which to attend the course on a Lifelong Learning perspective, an attendance certificate will be issued in January.

Seminar ONE,
October 13, 2021
Dagmar Riedel, Limited Storage

Seminar TWO,
November 3, 2021
Leonor Loureiro, The Paper World and the Paper Conservator

Seminar THREE,
November 24, 2021
Sarah Burkhalter, Dancing on paper

Seminar FOUR,
December 15, 2021
Marcelline Delbecq, White Paper

Seminar FIVE,
January 19, 2022
Feed-back on the participants’ works


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